Our Programs

INTech programs are designed to give girls the confidence to pursue their interest in technology. Our number-one priority is teaching our Scholars how to code. In addition, we give them exposure to role models in the industry and encourage them to use social issues as inspiration for their innovative projects.
Mini Camp
A 1-hour technology course for girls, taught by successful women in the industry. Participants enjoy CS-Unplugged activities that are designed to teach Computer Science fundamentals through games and puzzles. (Ages 10-13)
One-Day Camp
Girls spend a full day engaged in our 3 Pillars that inform and inspire them to innovate. By the end of the session, they’ll have used their newfound skills to design and produce their own technological product. (Ages 10-13)
summer camp
A 5-day experience where girls learn how to build, code, and program a brand new website. As a team, each group of INTech Scholars will choose a social issue as the foundation for their final (and functioning) product.

In addition, Scholars will have an incredible opportunity to network with women in the tech industry and participate in company tours. (Ages 10-13)
Exclusively for high school girls! This 9-week program teaches coding for game and mobile app
development and UX design; INTech Scholars also participate in professional development

INTech Academy

Our signature program, INTech Academy trains girls on the fundamentals of coding, engineering, and technology far beyond what they can learn in their regular classrooms. Each fall, our Scholars spend 9 weeks in after-school/weekend lessons, discovering what it takes to develop games and mobile apps and how to create responsive user-centered designs.

In the spring, INTech Scholars learn how code is integrated into hardware engineering technologies. They also have an invaluable opportunity to participate in professional development workshops that prepare them to apply for summer internships with local tech-centric companies. (Ages 13-18)

Exposure is everything! Did you know that girls are 10 times more likely to go into tech if they are introduced to it during their K-12 years? INTech gives our Scholars an essential education in the foundations of computer science and technology.

Beyond everyday tech like mobile apps and tablets, our girls get to experience a wide range of technology to unlock their creativity and their potential. Scholars will explore programming languages, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and more.
Innovation is at the heart of INTech Camp and it is a thrilling experience for our girls. INTech scholars are taught how to solve real world problems with technological solutions. We group them into teams so that, through collaboration, they learn to understand the importance of working together.

A tech mentor is assigned to each team to guide their process and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Upon completion, INTech Scholars proudly present their findings, results, and projects to their caretakers/parents and the community.
To give girls confidence, it’s vital that they hear from people who look like them that have found success in the field. INTech invites women in the tech industry to join our Scholars for candid conversations about their work experience and their journey to achievement.

The road to success is rarely a straight one. We want INTech Scholars to know there are many ways that technology can help them reach their destination. Our awesome women speakers share the path that led them to a career in technology, discuss their favorite projects, and provide advice to motivate our girls and show them all the possibilities ahead of them.

Invest your time and talent in the next generation of technologists.

Calling all ladies in tech! Our girls can learn so much from your success. INTech programs rely on tech mentors to help run our lessons, share professional journeys with our girls, and provide access to technology companies. Join us in creating unforgettable tech experiences for our Scholars.

Are you ready to give a girl the benefit of your experience and the gift of inspiration? Then you’re ready to volunteer with INTech!