A Curated List of Inspiring Podcasts

The role of women in the technology sector has steadily evolved, emerging as a cornerstone for inspiring a new generation of female technologists. This evolution is mirrored in the digital podcasts, a platform now bustling with voices keen on empowering women through knowledge, discussions, and shared experiences. Below, find a curated selection of tech-centric podcasts dedicated to inspiring girls and women, focusing on everything from AI innovations to interviews with industry trailblazers.

Voices of AI

The ‘Voices of AI’ podcast series takes a leading role in unraveling the intricate realm of Artificial Intelligence and its societal impact. What distinguishes this podcast is its dedication to highlighting female perspectives, enabling listeners to delve into the future of AI through the experiences of women at the helm of innovation.

Each episode strives to demystify technical terminology, making AI more accessible and understandable for a female audience interested in or actively navigating the tech industry.

‘Voices of AI’ enriches the AI conversation, offering a unique and insightful perspective that broadens understanding and encourages more women to engage with and contribute to the evolving field of Artificial Intelligence.

Her Code

‘Her Code’ is a podcast that centers on personal narratives, providing a platform for female technologists to share their unique journeys, challenges, and triumphs in the tech industry. T

Each episode of ‘Her Code’ offers listeners a glimpse into the lives of women who are making significant strides in technology, offering both inspiration and practical insights.

Listening to ‘Her Code’ offers a dose of inspiration and a wealth of practical advice, making it an invaluable resource for women and girls looking to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the tech industry. The podcast serves as a beacon for aspiring female technologists, encouraging them to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

‘Her Code’ fosters a sense of community and solidarity among women in tech, while also raising awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the field. Through storytelling and shared experiences, the podcast empowers women to embrace their potential, break barriers, and shape the future of technology.

The Tech Sisterhood

‘The Tech Sisterhood’ is a podcast that encapsulates the essence of solidarity and empowerment among women in the tech industry. This series is dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community and support among female technologists.

The podcast features a diverse range of episodes, from insightful interviews with industry trailblazers to discussions on topics such as inclusivity, mentorship, and career advancement. Each episode serves as a testament to the transformative power of collective support, encouraging listeners to lean on and learn from one another’s experiences.

‘The Tech Sisterhood’ promotes a culture of collaboration and mutual empowerment. The podcast serves as a valuable resource for women seeking guidance, inspiration, and practical advice to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the tech industry.

Listening to ‘The Tech Sisterhood’ offers a unique opportunity to be part of a supportive community that celebrates the achievements of female technologists and advocates for greater diversity and inclusion in the field. The podcast inspires listeners to embrace their potential, build meaningful connections, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable tech industry.


‘InnovateHER’ is a podcast that shines a spotlight on the intersection of female leadership and innovation. 

Each episode of ‘InnovateHER’ offers listeners a deep dive into the experiences and expertise of these trailblazing women, providing valuable lessons and insights that can inspire and guide aspiring tech enthusiasts. The podcast goes beyond storytelling; it aims to impart wisdom and practical advice to help listeners navigate the complexities of innovation in the tech world.

Listening to ‘InnovateHER’ offers a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful female leaders in the tech industry, gaining valuable insights and strategies that can help listeners advance their own careers and make a meaningful impact in the world of technology.

Code & Color

Highlighting the importance of diversity, ‘Code & Color’ focuses on the experiences of women of color in the tech industry. It shines a light on the unique challenges they face, while also celebrating their contributions and achievements. Through its Inspiring Girls with tales of resilience and determination, this podcast plays a crucial role in broadening the narrative around women in tech, emphasizing that diversity is not just about gender but also about race and ethnicity.

Women in AI

‘Women in AI’ is a podcast that celebrates the achievements and expertise of female professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

The podcast offers a platform for female technologists to share their insights and experiences, highlighting their contributions to shaping technology in a manner that is inclusive and representative of diverse perspectives.

Each episode of ‘Women in AI’ features discussions with leading women in the field, providing listeners with valuable insights into the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in AI. 

Listening to ‘Women in AI’ offers a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences and perspectives of female leaders in the field, gaining a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of AI and its impact on society. The podcast encourages listeners to think critically about the ethical implications of AI and to consider how technology can be developed and deployed in ways that are both innovative and socially responsible.

Tech Tales

‘Tech Tales’ diverges from the typical podcast blueprint, focusing instead on historical perspectives and the untold stories of women who were pioneers of their time. This series serves as a reminder of the significant yet often overlooked contributions of women in the evolution of technology. Engaging and educational, ‘Tech Tales’ offers both retrospection and motivation for Empowering Women to make their mark in tech history.

Silicon Sisters

For those intrigued by the convergence of technology and business, ‘Silicon Sisters’ provides invaluable insights. This podcast explores the journey of female entrepreneurs in the tech industry, from securing funding to navigating the startup ecosystem. It’s a guide for Inspiring Girls to envision and achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations, underscored by advice from women who’ve successfully treaded this path.

Through these podcasts, listeners gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experiences designed to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of women in tech.


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